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technical skills
undergraduate/graduate projects
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2005
Relevant Courses:
Digital Systems Fundamentals Intro to Data Structures
Intro to Algorithms Intro to Compilers
Intro to Operating Systems Intro to Artificial Intelligence
Combinatorial Optimization Machine Organization
Theory and Design Programming Languages

University of Chicago
Master of Science in Computer Science, expected graduation May 2008
Relevant Courses:
Computer Systems Databases (SQL and database architecture)
Distributed Objects Advanced C++
Networks Unix Systems Programming
Advanced Algorithms Parallel Programming

Java, C/C++, SQL, XML, XSL, XSD, XHTML, Javascript (Mootools/Prototype frameworks)

operating systems:

Unix/Linux, WIN NT/09/00/XP, MS DOS

development concepts:

object-oriented programming, network protocols, compilers design, operating systems design, database design, artificial intelligence, distributed objects

Undergraduate Projects
University of Wisconsin-Madison

CS540-Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Wrote a feed-forward neural network designed to translate hand written digits to compatible digital numbers.97 percent accurate.Skills:Java, artificially intelligent system design concepts

Graduate Projects
University of Chicago


Developed a database for connecting users who have lost dogs with with users who have found them.Skills: SQL, Database architecture


Wrote (in Java) a streaming video server and client. Streamed files in MJPEG format. Skills, RTSP protocol, Java sockets programming.

CSPP51024-Distributed Objects

Built an online electronic market place. Designed utilizing CORBA, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Messaging Service, and Apache Tomcat application server. Developed XML/XSL, RMI, javascript, and XHTML skills.

Software Development Engineer, Amazon.com, Seattle, WA

Maintenance and development of Amazon.com customer service application utilizing Perl, C++, and Java among others.

Software Engineer, Orbitz World Wide, Chicago, IL

Responsible for maintenance and improvement of res.nwa.com booking engine back-end through interface. Gained experience in several java frameworks.

Software Developer, Braincannon LLC., Chicago, IL

Responsible for back-end server-side applications as well as front-end user interfaces from concept through development. Responsible for development and continued normalization of database. Improved JDBC/SQL skills and techniques. Developed Javascript, AJAX, HTML/CSS and XML/XSL skills.

Conversational German
meweltman (at) yahoo.com